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Help fund free life-sustaining programs and services that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

As a nonprofit, we run on generous contributions from people like you. We're staffed by a volunteer executive team, peer mentors, mental health advocates and interns. All tax-deductible donations go towards funding our free suicide prevention, mentoring and advocacy programs and services.

"This is one place where I know true hope is their ethos. No matter who you are, no matter what your struggle, Hope Xchange does offer hope, does not judge and absolutely works to understand and make things better."
- Natasha Tracy, Award-Winning Writer, Speaker, Consultant & Best-Selling Author of Lost Marbles: Insights into My Life with Depression & Bipolar

"Hope Xchange provides many essential services in suicide prevention, helping people feel less alone and isolated. As someone who lost someone to suicide many years ago and as someone who lives with bipolar disorder, I can attest to the need for support networks, the kind they build everyday. Please support them!"
- Jessica Gimeno, Huffington Post Writer and TEDxMental Health Speaker

"I believe everyone, regardless of financial means, is entitled to caring and compassion, so they can recover and rediscover what it feels like to be hopeful again. No one should should live without purpose or hope. Everyone deserves to be cared for and loved, and to have a reason to hold on not only to hope, but life itself."
- Kerry Martin, CEO and Founder, Hope Xchange

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