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No one should feel alone or without hope. We all deserve someone who cares.

"Kerry's hand stretched out to me into my darkness and pain and her words of love and compassion have given me hope and helped me heal."

"When I felt like I was alone in my walk, isolated and criminalized for getting sick, there was a hand that reached into my darkness, my pain, my sorrow. It was Kerry's hand that stretched out to me and her words of love and compassion. She has given me hope. She has helped me heal and walks with me as I recover and try to help others. Hope Xchange offers hope and healing to those who are crying out in the darkness. They bring light and love when you feel like you're stumbling along."
~ Maureen

A closer look from two sides - a mentor and mentee share their stories in our blog post Bipolar Mentoring Works - Both Perspectives of Mentoring Relationship Shine Light On How Simply Caring Is Key.

Note: As a nonprofit, we run on generous contributions from people like you. We're staffed by a volunteer executive team, peer mentors, mental health advocates and interns. All tax-deductible donations go towards funding our free suicide prevention, mentoring and advocacy programs and services.

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