Ensure no one feels alone during their darkest times.

Donate to our HOPE Emergency Fund to prevent needless suffering for those living without loved ones or adequate resources.

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A small contribution truly can make a big difference in an emergency.

"Someone I mentor confided in me that it was her 50th birthday and it was going to be the worst day of her life because no one would remember. She wouldn't get a gift and just wanted it to be over. I used the HOPE Emergency Fund to gift her PayPal account $100. We stayed on Facebook and designed a tattoo together that she really wanted to signify a new beginning. This one small act gave the woman hope on her birthday and, indeed, hope for life."
- Kerry Martin, Bipolar Mentor to PQ

Our HOPE Emergency fund doesn't just gift people money on their birthdays. We use it to pay for Uber rides to get those we mentor to and from treatment when bus services are not available or when they miss the bus and are on side of road having an anxiety attack. Other examples include paying for a hotel for a night when someone really needs to get away or when they need a disposable phone to stay in contact with their mentor. Whatever it takes to get them through to the next day.

Note: As a nonprofit, we run on generous contributions from people like you. We're staffed by a volunteer executive team, peer mentors, mental health advocates and interns. All tax-deductible donations go towards funding our free suicide prevention, mentoring and advocacy programs and services.