Kristin Molinaro
Kristin Molinaro's Fundraiser

Let's give LGBTQIA youth with bipolar disorder a reason to hold on

Please join me. We can make a life-saving difference together.

$85 towards $800

I'm fundraising on behalf of Hope Xchange to save the lives of gay youth in the bipolar community where suicide is the leading cause of death. I want to help replace thoughts of suicide with thoughts of hope.

Mental Illness is no stranger in my family.

  • My aunt Colleen was 22 years old, had two beautiful children and committed suicide. If she been treated for her undiagnosed Bipolar Disorder she might still be alive today.
  • My uncle died at 34 years old, hit by a car while coming home one night after detoxing from drug facility. Like many who battle addition, he had a co-occurring mental health disorder, and remained undiagnosed up until the end of his life.
  • My mother identified as a lesbian which was difficult in the 1970's. She became pregnant with me in 1982. Now she was a self-identified pregnant lesbian who just lost her sister to suicide and was battling an addiction problem and undiagnosed bipolar disorder. She never really liked men, but it was the 1980's and she partied a lot! My mother went to the grave, overdosing on heroin in 2005, and I will never know the true paternity of my father nor will my three children ever get to know their grandmother.

Every single one of my grandfather's children died before the age of 50. It is clear that mental illness runs rampant in my family, and I am hoping that the tragedy that has befallen my mother and her siblings will never happen to anyone else.

I am fundraising to light a path of hope for those who struggle every single day with the shame of mental illness, or growing up thinking they are different than others by identifying as LGBTQIA, or people who are coping in an unhealthy way with their untreated mental illness by abusing drugs.

Together let's rise up and raise funds to help these most vulnerable populations. This is so close to my heart and I want to make sure that anyone who is struggling can reach out for help. I don't want anyone to suffer like my family has suffered at the hands of mental illness.

Hope Xchange mentors gay youth with bipolar disorder, has heard their pleas for help, and is taking action. They are responding with urgency and compassion. I fully support them in their efforts.

Just a small donation will go a long way to help gay youth in desperate need of our help. Society is letting them down. Let's not let them down too. Rather, let's lift them up with hope and gift them a path to mental wellness.

Thank you so much!