Brandi Douglas
Brandi Douglas's Fundraiser

Let's give LGBTQIA youth with bipolar disorder a reason to hold on

Please join me. We can make a life-saving difference together.

$50 towards $500

I'm fundraising on behalf of Hope Xchange to save the lives of gay youth in the bipolar community where suicide is the leading cause of death. I want to help replace thoughts of suicide with thoughts of hope.

So many people believe they can't make a difference for lack of knowledge or experience in the areas of gay youth and/or bipolar communities dealing with suicide.

Hope Xchange bridges that gap.

The staff and volunteers all have personal experience and/or connections with those struggling in these groups. We work rigorously to provide support by way of cultivating awareness, providing resources, offering a platform for youth to share their stories and most importantly, a shoulder to lean on.

So whether you are just being exposed to this demographic of youth who are suffering or you are well aware, so very much still needs to be done. Your contribution, although monetary, is priceless.

Donate today. For the hearts who feel too heavy to endure.

All tax-deductible donations go towards funding our free suicide prevention, mentoring and advocacy programs and services.

Thank you!