JJ Godwin
JJ Godwin's Fundraiser

Let's give LGBTQIA youth with bipolar disorder a reason to hold on

Please join me. We can make a life-saving difference together.

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I'm fundraising on behalf of Hope Xchange to save the lives of gay youth in the bipolar community where suicide is the leading cause of death. I want to help replace thoughts of suicide with thoughts of hope.

Nowhere is the need for Hope Xchange's new virtual safe space more urgent than in the transgender youth community where 50% have thought about taking their own lives and 25% have attempted suicide.

Our transgender youth are bullied and victimized. Following last year's election, a transgender youth and Hope Xchange mentee was beat up. Her gay friends' car tires were slashed with harassing notes left on their windows.

After hearing that Hope Xchange was developing this program, here's what she had to say:

"Awesome! Hearing that this is happening is so incredible. I have many young Trans friends who also have bipolar, and a program like this will be absolutely life saving! ❤️ " ~ A

Hope Xchange mentors gay youth with bipolar disorder, has heard their pleas for help, and is taking action. They are responding with urgency and compassion. I support them in their efforts.

Just a small donation will go a long way to help youth in desperate need of our help. Society is letting them down. Let's not let them down too. Rather, let's lift them up with hope and gift them a path to mental wellness.

Thank you so much!