Give LGBTQIA youth with bipolar disorder a reason to stay.

Let’s put an end to our youth taking their lives and start saving lives together. Help us prevent needless deaths by donating today!

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We're fundraising to replace thoughts of suicide with thoughts of hope. We need your help.

Our virtual safe space is the first to target LGBTQIA youth in the bipolar community. There is currently no solution tailored to this population where suicide is now the leading cause of death.

Gay teens and young adults are not only more likely to struggle with a mental illness, but are also misunderstood, shunned, bullied and ostracized. With your help, we can change this and give them what each and everyone of us deserves — compassionate care and support.

With your generous donation, you're directly helping to provide these youth with their own online space — a place where fear is replaced with safety, suffering with compassion, and judgement with acceptance. Free access to crisis intervention, online chat, peer mentoring and mental health advocacy will give them reasons to hold onto hope and to life.

Make a real difference. Help us stop LGBTQIA youth with bipolar disorder from taking their own lives. Help us spare their parents from unimaginable grief. Be the reason someone stays.

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